Cisco IOS-XRv on Proxmox

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This seems to work for me, I have a few virtual routers running this way with no apparent issues. They aren’t taking a heavy load of traffic though so not sure how well that would work.

I’m using xrv9k-fullk9-x.vrr.vga-7.5.2.iso.

Specifications when creating a new VM:

Memory: 16384MiB
Processors: 4 sockets, 1 core   (CPU type "host")
BIOS: Default (SeaBIOS)
Display: Default
Machine: Default (i440fx)
SCSI Controller: Default (LSI 53C895A)
Hard Disk (ide0): Size=55G  (!!! Make sure it's IDE and not SCSI)
CD/DVD Drive (ide2): ISO file uploaded to the host machine
Network Device (net0): E1000 (disconnected)
Network Device (net1): E1000 (disconnected)
Network Device (net2): E1000 (disconnected)
Network Device (net3): E1000

net0 will be used to Mgmt-port, net1 and net2 will be ignored and net3 will be the first data port

If you’re using a non-VGA image make sure to also add a serial port. If you are using a VGA version you can do that as well, but everything will work without one.

Boot the ISO file and wait, it took some 10 minutes for XRv to install and fully boot. It might also take a few minutes after boot for the data interface (Gi0/0/0/0) to show up.